A Business to Charity Caring Campaign – 49 West

Supporting You, as You Support Others:

49 West is a locally owned and operated establishment that has been in Annapolis, Md since 1995 by Brian & Sarah Cahalan.
We will be having our 16th anniversary of 49 West on December 27th. We are a full coffeehouse/restaurant, winebar and gallery with great live music nightly, art receptions monthly and cater to in house catering events. Coming from Chicago,Il, Brian and Sarah Cahalan wanted to make a difference in a city not so big as Chicago and create an atmosphere that was community oriented. With no televisions to distract customers to go off on their own world, conversations and meetings begin among people that have common interests or connect people that would never have met each other.

49 West, over the years, has contributed to several different charities but one that we have donated to yearly is The We Care Program. We Care provides a free Thanksgiving meal to the local Clay street community, that is open to the entire public.  Holidays can be such a stressful and lonely time in a lot of peoples lives and many are homeless and hungry and have no means to have a hot meal. This is why donating food for this organization is so important to us because it is giving to the local community and feeding many that would not have a meal for that day or week. We feel it is so important to care about your local neighbors and to try to make a little difference in any which way we can.

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