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Do Some Good

Support a cause that is important to you, do something nice for someone – or just “Play it Forward” and pass on the song or this Web site to family and friends. That's all there is to it. But if enough people do it, we can have a real impact.

Play it Forward!

Email a link to your friends and family. Friend us on Facebook. Tweet about the song. Get local non-profits to use the song for their own fundraising efforts. (We don't mind, in fact we encourage it!) Play it at your holiday party and send a link out the next day to everyone.

Looking for a Good Cause?

Here are a few sites that make it easy to find a cause that you can get passionate about. We aren't endorsing any particular cause, but have tried to provide resources that do some amount of checking to vet a cause. If a cause is new to you, please perform your own due diligence as well.