Our 2010 Contest Winner

Carol for a Cause is thrilled to announce the winner of our Christmas Time Contest: A Cause at Christmas Time. Phillip R. will receive $1,250 cash prize, as well as a $1,250 donation to the charity he and his family started, Project Seahorse. Congratulations!

Thank you to all our kindred spirits for making this contest a success!

Philip R. - A Cause at Christmastime

Take a look at the rest of the great finalist entries we received below:

Elizabeth D. - Happiness with Christmas

Eric H. - At Christmas Time

Erin M. - Christmas Heart

Jeanine B. - Children Celebrating

Jenny N. - Christmas time is being silly with family and friends

Joseph R. - So blessed, where do I begin.

Kelly R. - You For Christmas

Ken B. - Christmas is Coming!

Megan S. - Wish We Were Home for the Holidays