Who is Carol for a Cause?

It’s one person’s idea, but she is intent on sharing it with the world! Dana Clark is not a songwriter by trade, but was inspired by the strong emotions she felt soon after she learned her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wrote “Christmas Time” sitting in a shopping mall one afternoon, reflecting on the true meaning of the holiday. She brought the lyrics to her good friend, Dana Robinson, an accomplished singer/songwriter, and before long, they were in a recording studio.

Dana Robinson wrote the music and brings her strong, beautiful voice to the recording. The final song is full of emotion, and yet very tender and touching at the same time. From the many comments left on this site, it clearly evokes a warm, positive, hopeful feeling — exactly what Dana Clark had hoped for. She explains, “My first inspiration was to write this song. My second was to not promote a particular charity or cause. We decided that we want as many people as possible to listen, to share this song and feel the same way I do when I hear it.”

Says Clark, “My hope is simply that this song will inspire people to do something nice for someone during the holiday season. Support a cause that is important to you, or ‘Play it Forward’ and pass on the song or our Web site to spread goodwill to family and friends. There is nothing more to it. But if enough people do just that — the world will quickly be a far better place.”